June 18, 2010

Erdem, Jenni Kayne, Jonathan Saunders, Peter Jensen, Preen, and Proenza Schouler: Resort 2011

I suppose one of the themes of this Resort entry is preppy. Almost all the designers played with this, from Proenza's almost tie-dye prints to Peter Jensen's really fun and bold color pieces. Also, sorry that this entry has a TON more collections than the last few entries. I saved a lot more this time before I published, but hopefully you are still interested!

Erdem basically used two colors: black and blue. Although usually that would mean a minimalist collection--which is not always a bad thing, of course--Erdem doesn't roll that way. Lots of beautiful prints, lace, and embroidery that would elevate any outfit from good to grandiose.

I would just like to talk about this chambray button up with lace skirt in Jenni Kayne's Resort collection. SPRING PERFECTION. It's seriously so good I'm just drooling thinking about it. I already think I had found the perfect lace dress in Marc Jacobs' Resort collection, but this may be the perfect combination of lace and denim. Besides that first opening piece, the neutral outerwear and all white suit/short combo (a feminine twist on Tom Wolfe? If only!) really screams RESORT, which is always a good thing in this heat.

Jonathan Saunders using pale colors and whites I can understand. But a floral print? Hold on one second! Of course, this being Saunders, it's not a straight up floral. I can see it's a deconstruction of this print, mixed with another print--geometric perhaps. The silohuettes are feminine, and with a floral-cum-architectural pattern, it works beautifully.

Peter Jensen's lookbook was almost as delightful as the actual clothes. This collections was all about preppy pieces in bright colors (red, yellow, cerulean, neon everything), really fun prints (the model in a bow-and-present print dress posing with large presents? I'm sold), and little rabbit motifs (giant rabbit eyes on t-shirts). There were also literal bows on a few dresses and tops, which were my favorites. I wanted to show more in this collage, but I think everyone was having too much fun to actually showcase outfits. But hey, with a set (and collection) this fun, who can blame them?

The silohuettes in Preen's collection seems simple but the details really elevate each look. Fabric twists and drapes as it hugs a woman's body in floor length awe-inspiring gowns. Party dresses play with sheers, metallics, and print fabrics. However, it all comes together with just a cinch of a leather belt in either a full skirt or a casual Resort suit/skirt.

It's almost TOO obvious to gush over a new batch of Proenza Schouler bags, but time and time again, the lads just cook up some great leather goods. These larger medicine bags are reminiscent of my constant love for Mulberry's Alexa bag (side note: can't wait for October for Mulberry's efforts at Target!) and Chloé's Edith bag. So roomy and preppy, it works with everything! These Proenza bags are no exception to that. But enough about the bags, this collection is also drool worthy...which is another too-obvious sentiment. Going away from the toggle-coat preppiness of the last two collections (Pre-Fall and Fall), this Resort collection takes the prep silhouette but marries it with bold prints. Various black and white patterns (an almost tie-dyed striped and checkered) as well as tribal-esque prints, they're what the cool city ladies will wear come Fall.

All images courtesy of style.com

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  1. just finished your letter with lots of details about the job!
    i agree with the button up/lace. what a perfect top. i love overtly preppy